Professional Coaching That Changes Behaviour

A major in psychology, counseling courses, and corporate certification in behavioural assessments is just the beginning.  With years of experience and a proven track record counseling professionals in business, you can be confident your goals will be met.

Changing the Way They Think

Whether coaching is prescribed by your company or self-directed by a candidate, we can help your people grow as leaders and professionals.  We can improve their personal image and effectiveness by giving them the comfort and confidence they need to exhibit executive presence and polish.  

Relevant and Respectful Guidance

Changing how a person behaves and dresses in business is not easy… nor is sorting through the complexities of a coaching assignment.  We use a variety of approaches to accomplish your objectives and outcomes.  With guidance that is always relevant and respectful, we focus on your needs for noticeable changes in behaviour and dress.  

Broad skills and first-hand knowledge of the demands of workplaces position us to conduct: 

  • Intake Assessments
  • Behavioural Assessments
  • Feedback Assessments


Cheryl Leger, Ph.D
Linda, your Business Conduct coaching was a life changing event. You gave me a new and more confident outlook in business (and in life).  I've been guided by many… you had the most profound effect on me.  My shyness permanently disappeared and this is something I've worked on for most of my 43 years!  I can't thank you enough!  Read full

Faculty of Forestry
University of Toronto