Leaders and Participants Praise Linda Allan

"When it comes to etiquette and dress, Linda knows everything about everything.  She's very open to answering any questions and provides valuable feedback which she illustrates with real examples."

Sara L., Vancouver (Mar 16/15)

"You were the highlight of our sales conference.  Your training topics were spot on and will serve our global team extremely well.  It left us all wanting more of you!"

Sandra R., Toronto (Jan 8/15)

"You designed another excellent program, geared it to our organization and delivered it with top professionalism.  A resounding success.  I propose this be provided to all in our organization from project managers and above."

Geoff H., Calgary (Dec 9/14)

"Thank you for conducting workshops for our employees.  My boyfriend took me to a high-end restaurant and that experience was made so much more enjoyable thanks to the many tips you taught in the dining segment of your program.  These are things easily practiced and I was able to apply right away.  Thank you so much!"

Stephanie L., Toronto (Sep 16/14)

"You were awesome!  As always, Linda, I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.  My people loved you!"

Don B.,  (Aug 29/14)

"Linda, your name excites people here and your program is always a highlight for our sales people.  I can see the difference you make.  I'm always giving your name to other leaders and in my home, you're a household name."

Sally M., Toronto (Nov 20/13)

"Wonderful to have Linda's training again this year for our Sales Program.  Great 2 days, very informative.  Linda is a real PRO."

Ben R., Boston (Aug 29, 30/13)

"Over the years I've heard great comments about Linda's Wholesaler Program and couldn't wait to be chosen to attend.  Every sales person should have a chance to gain from her immense expertise.  She has such high standards and it reflects in her and her programs."

Louis L., Montreal (May 9/13)

"Thank you for presenting to our Women's Group.  Linda you are a valued and respected member of our organization's extended family and we so appreciate your expertise.  I truly learn something new from your sessions each time."

Lindsay Z., Toronto (Apr 2/13)

"Linda was fantastic and polite to everyone about everything all day.  I really enjoyed how she presented her material.  Can't wait to attend the next level workshop she does for us."

Stephen M., Toronto (Mar 22/13)

"Since joining this company I've heard some amazing comments from employees who attended your past workshops.  Everything you put together was most relevant for the group.  They're all saying they're learning so much.  I definitely want you to come back."

Paul T., Toronto (Jan 10/13)

"Linda was EXCELLENT and very knowledgeable.  She provided specific examples and lots of insightful details in her dress session and gave it in a way that was non-offensive.  Her style of presentation sets her apart."

Geraldine H., Waterloo (Nov 14/12)

"I've heard wonderful things from all the workshops you delivered so far for our groups this summer and was very much looking forward to my turn!  You exceeded my expectations.  I learned so much.  Very glad our organization is giving your training to all of us."

Michelle C., Toronto (Jun-Oct/12)

"It's always such a pleasure to attend the workshops you design for us.  I keep learning and enhancing my skills.  And I like your energy, tact and enthusiasm.  I'm very pleased my regional team could attend to benefit from your expertise"

Rachelle H., Vancouver (Mar 27/12)

"All I can say about your etiquette and dress program is WOW!  You immediately engaged my sales team in a confident and comfortable way with topics that are on the mark for their roles.  You certainly got them excited and involved."  

Don B., Texas (Feb 28, 29/12)

"Linda's approach to teaching is open and welcoming.  It was a huge pleasure for me to participate in this training."

Mike S., Toronto (Dec 15/11)

"Your 2-day course for our organization this year was fantastic news.  You're a wealth of knowledge - and makes one feel very comfortable with one's shortcomings.  You offered great advice on difficult situations and how to overcome them."   

Jane V., Toronto (Nov 2, 3/11)

"I have attended 2 of your workshops and I would like to thank you for your valuable advice which helped me in my career search. For someone just entering the workforce, I've joined McKinsey and Company as a management consultant.  Thank you!"

Ahmed S., Toronto (Jun 28/11)

"Over the years I've been involved in about a dozen etiquette sessions and Linda you're far superior to anyone out there.  On behalf of myself and my Senior Executive Team, thank you for an outstanding session today.  It was beyond my expectations."

Rob S., Toronto (Apr 20/11)

"The workshop you designed and delivered was fantastic.  It's filled with very worthwhile material and exercises that kept participants involved and excited all day.  The group was so mesmerized by the content… and you facilitating!  Two other providers we piloted had fluff not substance, so we're very excited to hire you to deliver ongoing training for us."

Kamilla K., Vancouver (Jan 25/11)

"As usual, it was great to watch you in action… and wonderful to work with you again today!  Your Dress and Style session for the women's Leadership Development Program hit all the right notes.  You provided such valuable information in a way they could really relate to and they loved your process for understanding body type and styles." 

Elaine L., Toronto (Dec 13/10)

"I found your session extremely useful and informative.  It will make me and my team much more conscientious when with clients and prospects.  My most sincere thanks!"

James G., Abbotsford, BC (Sep 23/10) 

"The session you designed and delivered for our Sales Coordinators Summit completely met their needs and exceeded all expectations!  Topics perfectly align with our sales strategy to provide quality and exceptional client service.  Great information, well delivered.  Thank you Linda!  You are so passionate and knowledgeable about business behaviours and etiquette; it’s absolutely inspiring!"

Marie D., Montreal (Jul 20/10)

"The private dress session you gave me was so productive and a lot of fun.  I can't believe how much I learned.  You have a way of explaining things clearly and describing fully the specific styles that suit different body types.  Thanks so much for working your way through my closet!"

Maggie S., Toronto (May 4/10)

"In my opinion, Linda's training should be available to all sales people on joining the firm.  She's an outstanding facilitator and understands sales."

Lee T., Toronto (Apr 10/10)

 "I learned a lot in my private sessions with you.  As a senior executive with a hectic schedule, I appreciate that you were flexible and efficient in giving me skills tailored to my needs and this corporate environment."

Paul L., Toronto (Mar/10)

”A great day!  Fantastic material, great examples and you cut to the point.  Really enjoyed the role plays and discussion."

Scott A., Edmonton (Jan 13/10)

”I tried one of your great tips and it worked brilliantly.  I met someone at a networking event and wanted to move on.  I started with my usual, "I think I’d like to see what's going on over there …” when I remembered your tips. Eureka!  I smiled and added “would you like to join me?”.  The person said yes and I was amazed how smoothly that worked."

Julie K., Toronto (Oct 1/09)

"Linda, I want to congratulate you on the quality level of your seminar.  Having attended numerous courses of this nature, I found that you deliver information in such a way that sets you apart in this field!  I’ve learned a lot and will apply your “tricks of the trade".  Thank you."

Stephane O., Sudbury (Oct 1/09)

"Linda, it was great to attend the workshop you presented.  It was very useful and enjoyable.  To be honest, it's one of the best workshops I ever attended.  I appreciate the efforts you put into it.  I'm definitely looking forward to going to your other workshops." 


Shunli Z., Toronto (Aug 26/09)

"It was a great opportunity for me to attend your workshop.  Just after the workshop, I went to a conference to present my research results in Halifax.  For the first time in this country, I was confident about what I was doing in all events.  Thank you so much!"

Ebrahim P., Toronto (Jun 9/09)

"Linda, the feedback from your session yesterday has been tremendous.  Your presentation was exceptional and extremely well received.  I'm so glad we hired you.  I thank you for your time and professionalism."

Patrick L., Toronto (Apr 3/09)

"I've been endorsing your great work at our firm for some time, so I was pleased we hired you for something as important as our National Sales Conference.  In speaking with the group afterwards, they mentioned they found your session very helpful and there were so many interesting tips we were all able to take away.  Thanks to you, we had mock hosting sessions the next day at lunch.  We definitely appreciate all your insights."

Allen T., Toronto (Mar 6/09)

"The Code of Conduct project you developed for us was amazing and the workshop you put together was thorough and interesting - and you kept it that way through so many deliveries!  Linda you have such great presentation skills.  You never need to look at your slides and you have great stories for participants to keep them interested and involved." 

Mary K., Toronto (Feb 10/09)

"Linda, I really enjoyed your session.  I learned a lot.  I can see why our participants are always so eager to attend your training as they will be much better off in business for it." 

Doug S., Waterloo (Dec 11/08)

"Linda, you're an amazing presenter.  I can't recall when I last enjoyed a presentation so much.  You have great style, energy and so much knowledge of business behaviours.  You had the group riveted." 

Mary C., Windsor (Dec 4/08)

"Our sales team thoroughly enjoyed your seminar last week and have already begun implementing the techniques you shared with us." 

Amanda C., Toronto (Dec 2/08)

"Thanks again for delivering such a great presentation to our Leadership Committee.  The material was right on point and aligned exactly with the corporate messages and the strategic direction of our organization." 

Cathy G., Ottawa (Nov 28/08)

"Your sessions were, again this year, a highlight of our sales conference.  And many participants who attended your session last year, were just as eager to attend again to learn more from a master.  Well done!"

   Dave P., Toronto (Sep 18/08)

 "AWESOME!  Your etiquette sessions were the best part of our graduate program!  Great learning experience and a lot of fun.  Thanks!!" 

Timothy L., London (Jul 4/08)

"Linda, thanks to your presentation, I've taken to wearing ties to the office… got promoted shortly after, so it must have worked.  Thank you!" 

Stephen W., Toronto (Jun 24/08)

"Linda, I'd like to share a comment with you from my husband.  He read your training material from my session and noted how very well they were written!  After 30 years in the military, he's no stranger to etiquette when it comes to formal dining.  He's also not easily impressed. Thought you should know.  Great job!" 

Tracie W., Waterloo (Jun 19/08)

"Extraordinary!!!! Linda, a pleasure working with you!  We have received excellent feedback from our staff and for that we thank YOU!!!!" 

Lulu P., Toronto (Apr 25/08)

"Linda, glad we hired you as our previous experiences with others were not good.  Your knowledge of etiquette and dress and the way you interact with people on a very real level made us all feel comfortable.  You understand what it's like to work in a large company so your training has teeth and goes beyond protocol basics given by others." 

Lee M., Toronto (Mar 4/08)

"Your session on etiquette and dress was so informative and fun.  I loved the tips you shared for building a wardrobe for business.  I understand business dress codes much better now.  Everything you said about body image and self-esteem… going for brains over beauty… was spot on and empowering!" 

Nalini R., Hamilton (Feb 29/08) 

"You developed an excellent etiquette program for our group, Linda.  Glad we included function etiquette and your unique live lab.  The techniques you shared mean we'll attend functions with greater success… loved your tips for mingling, small talk, and cocktail food etiquette." 

Karen W., Edmonton (Jan 9/08)

"Linda, I enjoyed your dining session very much and had great feedback from the "trainees".  Thank you." 

Ed R., Toronto (Dec 17/07)   

"You really know your stuff and it shows.  At first I was skeptical about the value of a meeting etiquette session but you've shown us otherwise."

Brad D., Toronto (Oct 2/07) 

"Linda, you always have such great information to share.  This was the third etiquette session in our training program with you and I've looked forward to every one.  Today's dress session was outstanding." 

Rhealynne C., Toronto (Aug 21/07) 

"Linda, you developed a wonderful travel etiquette program for us - very helpful, fact based, fun and informative.  Excellent facilitator.  Thank you!" 

Martha C., Toronto (Mar 13/07) 

"Loved your information and exercises on body language and eye contact especially your stuff on neurolinguistic programming.  Very interesting!" 

Phillipe P., Montreal (Dec 15/06)

More Participant Praise - A Sample Further Back in Time

"Linda, your feedback and direct answers to our questions about conduct with clients show you really understand sales, business development, and corporate cultures.  Excellent presentation!  Very informative.  My sales group will benefit greatly."

Sue P. (Sep/03) 

"Excellent program for our careers, the best!  Linda, you really know how to engage people in a way that involves everyone." 

Trudy V (Oct/01)

"Linda, your personal experiences working for many large companies added greatly to the material you presented to my group.  Now we understand why behaviours in business are so important to our careers.  Thanks for your consulting expertise on this project and for well designed and enlightening workshops."  

Andrea W. (Jun/99) 

"You could excite a dead man Linda!  Your energy and interest in every participant made the session a lot of fun and very worthwhile.  Unbelievable watching you in action!!"

Keith T. (Oct/97) 

"You taught me things to concentrate on to enhance my image at the office.  I will be much better off for it.  Thank you very much." 

Doug J. (Jun/96)


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