Dare To Compare

Choosing the right provider to enhance the way your people look and act can be daunting, especially if you're the one accountable for the decision. Having seen things from both sides of the desk, we understand your due diligence before hiring any image consultant or etiquette provider.

As in any unregulated field that has no set requirements for education or experience, you have every right to ask a lot of questions - you should!  We insist you do because we want you to feel confident that the facts we put in print are accurate and will serve you to the fullest.

Why Choose Linda Allan

  • Seasoned Management Consultant
  • Organizational Development credentials and experience
  • Curriculum design and adult learning credentials and expertise
  • Certification in behavioural assessments
  • 30 years of first-hand, top-rated experience in big business
  • Years in senior corporate roles
  • Human Resources, Training and Development, and Sales roles
  • Solid experience in sales management and customer service
  • Managed high-value Fortune 100 accounts in Canada and U.S.
  • Positions held in government, publishing, telecom, advertising, and professional services consulting
  • Skilled corporate coach with a proven track record.
  • Projects with numerous bilingual teams (French/English)
  • Strong command of French
  • Strategic, organized, meticulous, and client focused

Civility in the Workplace

You can rely on our deep capabilities to help with all your organizational issues of behaviour and dress in the workplace. Our winning strategies and behavioural approaches include:
Consulting - Training - Private Instruction - Coaching - Tutorials
Enriched with Audits, Assessments, Situation Analysis, 360 Feedback