Solid Corporate Training in Etiquette and Dress

With years of experience designing and delivering corporate class training, a Master of Education in organizational behaviour, and using the principles of psychology, we know how to structure and conduct effective workshops and seminars… that are engaging and memorable! 

Confident You’re Hiring the Right Trainer  

Business leaders and participants praise our ability to engage others with energy and enthusiasm.  They appreciate Linda's training skills and presentation style.  You can also feel secure knowing that vast sales and client service experience, and years in senior leadership roles, make Linda an indisputable trainer. 

Curriculum That Meets Your Needs

Requirements for proper conduct and dress at work continually evolve to meet new and changing demands in the business world.  We ensure our content is up-to-date and pertinent to your needs with strategies, tips and tools that are relevant, reliable, and robust.  We focus on the practical application of codes of conduct, dining skills, and dress - rather than on protocol and theory only.  Our full-service approach enables us to meet your needs for:

  • Training Strategies
  • Learning Curriculum
  • Group Sessions
  • Train-the-Trainer

Learning Modules or Customized Training

Our workshops include instruction and techniques that enrich classroom learning.  Group interaction and interactive learning techniques include class discussion, original case studies, original exercises, and role play.  In addition, Linda Allan has developed proprietary instruction techniques proven to maximize learning. 

Whether you need two hours of modular “off-the-shelf" training or two weeks of customized curriculum, we work with you to design and deliver the solutions you need whether it’s for 6 or 600 employees.

Learning Formats