Exclusive Travel Spots

Years ago, my husband and I left research and travel arrangements to someone else because we didn’t have the time.  But often we were disappointed, sometime a little, sometimes a lot.  In one case, we had a very disappointing experience at a well-known hotel that is highly rated by an elite global travel association!  How could their promises prove so disappointing and far below my standards - which I would have thought would be their standards too! 

Other people’s standards for luxury, comfort, quality, and care may not be up to yours, so make your own inquiries (as I always do) before choosing to ensure trips are everything you imagine - and more. 

No Substitute For Research

Doing your own research and planning is safer and you will learn more about the countries you travel to, the people who live there, the dynamics of their culture, and the enjoyment those countries offer. 

Talk to people who have been to the destination you're considering and read noted magazines and books.  I love some of the online travel sites and am particularly fond of www.tripadvisor.com.  They seem to have the best postings for travel comments.  After I short-list my picks, I go online to see what others have to say.  In particular, I look for comments from people who seem fussy, detailed in their analyses, and thorough with their explanations.  I read complaints and compliments with equal interest (never dismiss a complaint). 

Then I review web sites for the providers and places I’m considering.  Finally, I always call to speak to someone in person.  I want to assess the way they handle my call and deal with my questions.  If they can’t get that part right, they probably won’t get the rest of it right, and certainly won’t get my business.