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After doing much research online and speaking with Hypnos Beds, my husband and I decided we had to find a store that carried Hypnos.  After all, could we go wrong with a bed that promised, "the most comfortable sleep in the world".

Carries All Hypnos Models 

We tested the various Hypnos mattresses at the Soma store and were quickly able to decide that Hypnos was the best bed we'd ever tried. We decided on a regular tension mattress with a split box spring and then waited anxiously for our mattress to be custom made. 

As promised, the mattress was delivered within three weeks.  Once set up, however, we were shocked to find it extremely soft.  What happened?  I called Soma and John came over the next evening.  He inspected the mattress and fully agreed that it was too soft something he'd never seen with Hypnos and couldn't explain.  He contacted Hypnos the next day to request that another mattress be made.  No problem.  They explained that the springs for our bed may have been for the UK market but somehow got into a shipment to Canada.  Poor quality control on that one but at least they gave us a truthful probable cause.  Apparently, the British love soft mattresses and often have no edge support on their beds!

I asked Soma to call when our new mattress arrived because I wanted to inspect it before it was delivered.  They were happy to oblige and, two weeks later, we went to the store to inspect it.  What… another surprise!  The bed wasn't as firm as the one on which we'd based our decision.  I was worried.  Would they recognize we wanted exactly what we'd ordered and that any compromise wasn't an option?  Given the hefty price, getting anything less than expected just wouldn't do. 

No Problem and Never a Worry 

Soma and Hypnos were thoroughly understanding and quick to action.  The true test of any provider is not when all goes to plan but rather when things go wrong, as they sometimes do.  Getting extremely great service when something goes wrong is a real test of service excellence - and character.  Another mattress was manufactured for us to exacting specifications… I could see Terence at Hypnos watching over his craftspeople as they put a third bed together for us!  

Their top model, the "Eminence" covered in gold and silver damask is, quite simply, stunning!  It was delivered, carefully unpacked, and brought to our bedroom.  Hypnos advised us not to put linens on the bed right away to allow fresh air to the mattress after the manufacturing process.  Imagine… it had just been hand-made and custom-made!  Not making the bed was perfectly fine as it gave me a chance to enjoy looking at it before it would be covered in fine linens.     

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