bizZone Inc.

I never thought I would one day write about service excellence in the web development/design field.  I’ve had so many poor (and downright bad) experiences the past few years, I thought I’d never find a provider that was to my standards.  Not only have my own experiences been negative, I know of too many companies and individuals who have terrible things to say about the people and companies they’ve dealt with in the web and internet field.  In fact, many gladly gave me the names of those I should not consider! 

Knowledge, Honesty, Integrity

I thank my wise friend, Lorraine, for giving me such a strong recommendation to call bizZone.  She told me they were extremely knowledgeable, honest, and operated with integrity even at tough times during a project.  After reviewing their website, I called a couple of bizZone clients who confirmed willingly bizZone had been a pleasure to deal with. 

I was very excited to call Kevin Jackson, bizZone co-founder.  He was honest in telling me he was swamped with several requests for proposals and a backlog of work for existing clients and said, if I was in a rush, I may want to contact another provider.  I decided to wait several weeks until he was available.  Best decision I ever made!  Though it delayed my web project, I was equally busy fulfilling a long list of client engagements and when I finally found an opening in my schedule, so had Kevin. 

The proposal I received from Kevin was very professional, complete and succinct.  I signed the contract immediately and all was ultimately delivered just as they promised - with no surprises.  How refreshing! 

Organized and Optimistic

When the project began, I requested an initial meeting at their office.  I was introduced to Julie King, co-founder, and others on their team.  The design discussion began and a technical overview because I wanted control of my content, among other things, once my site launched. 

Having seen the confusion and cost when a company does not have that control, I was glad to deal with bizZone because they understand the importance and convenience for clients to self-manage their site.  I was so glad (and lucky) I had not gone with a web designer some months earlier who wanted to convince us that handling our own changes would result in a muddled website full of errors.  Either he didn’t have a platform to hand control to a client or he wanted to clock up the costs of future changes.  Either way, he negated the value and importance of a client wanting to manage their own site.  

Clients Come First

The design phase of any project can be very trying.  Not so with bizZone.  They listened carefully, always kept an open mind, and worked with sharp intellect and keen eye to come up with exactly what I wanted.  Since most of my business is referrals and repeat clients, I didn’t want my website to look large and impersonal or crowded and confusing.  They all understood and worked consistently to my high standards - which are obviously their standards too

Once my content was dropped in and the formatting done, the final phase consisted of images and special effects.  This also was done to my complete satisfaction without delay or confusion.  Their technical people could always interpret my needs and offer first class suggestions to improve upon them.  And when my technical person had to deal with their technical department, all was done quickly and accurately

Whether bizZone was dealing with my images, video clips, client testimonials or a myriad of other requirements, they were confident, creative, caring, and keen.  My site went live without a glitch and, for the first time, I had a powerful positive experience with a web/internet company. 

Of course, the power of any website is in the impression it leaves with visitors.  I am constantly told our site is easy to navigate… easy to read… easy on the eyes.  Why not, when it was so easy to work with bizZone

Consistently Successful

It’s no wonder bizZone has been consistently successful.  Ten years ago, they created and have been consistently successful with that too.  This team is indeed a dream team