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Where The Journey Begins


Over the years, I’ve traveled a lot for business and I've enjoyed much personal travel too.  These days I also conduct research and gather information during my trips for my travel etiquette workshops, and I study a country's specific behaviours for my international etiquette and intercultural seminars.  I can be away for an overnight stay or for a month-long immersion in a country abroad.  So I decided I needed luggage to better serve my expanded travel needs.  And because I use luggage for demonstration purposes when I deliver travel workshops and use them to carry items for my dress seminars, I needed them to have more flexibility, performance, and durability. 

Spotted on a Luggage Carousel

At an airport on one of my trips, I spotted magnificent luggage on one of the carousels.  In a sea of sameness (mostly black canvas suitcases, including my own), that luggage had flair.  It exuded class and understated elegance.  I wasn't able to get the make but the style stayed with me.  When the time came to buy luggage, I was determined to find that one. 

Research on the internet gave me nothing to go on, and visits to numerous luggage stores locally provided no clues.  But, as always seems to be my luck in life, I came across the luggage by accident when I was in Pennsylvania.  We got lost walking around a few blocks of beautiful stores, so we stopped to ask for directions - in front of a luggage shop.  In the window was the luggage I saw on the carousel at the airport!  I had fallen in love with “The Wings Collection” from Hartmann

My Heart Went To Hartmann

The salesperson showed me pieces from Hartmann’s Wings Collection along with a couple of other Hartmann collections.  All products were extremely well made and had the packing features I was looking for.  Being a savvy shopper, I looked at a few other best-selling brands too.  All held some appeal but my heart was drawn to Hartmaan and specifically their Wings Collection because it was so classy and elegant.  Because I'm very particular and had specific requirements, I wanted performance, practicality, and a stunning, timeless design.  The Wings Collection had all those things and more! 

When I got home, I reviewed Hartmann's brochure to be sure I'd select the right pieces.  Wings being a premium line would be quite expensive to buy numerous matching pieces.  But no other brand I saw had its craftsmanship, quality, practicality and beauty.  I bought four pieces:  the 20” expandable mobile carry-on (which I also use for my travel workshops and dress seminars), an attachable companion tote for toiletries (which can double as a briefcase), a 24” expandable mobile suitcase (for longer journeys), and a beautiful carry-on duffel bag.  Now packing is pleasure, and travel more thrilling! 

The Hartmann Difference

Hartmann has been crafting exquisite luggage for discerning travelers for over 130 years!  It has secured a reputation for outstanding quality and durability.  From wheels and handles to zippers, seams and stitching, every component must pass Hartmann's rigorous tests

Their promise of a superior wheel system, stylish yet sturdy fabric, an amazing retractible handle, and an indestructible frame gave me exactly what I was seeking.  And the diamond jacquard pattern of the Wings Collection, with its rich cognac coloured Belting Leather trim and handles, gives it a look of distinction that is recognizable yet timeless.  Perfection! 

The Test of Travel

Packing:  I’ve already used my luggage more times than I can count and can honestly say it lives up to all its promises.  For meticulous packers (like me!), it’s such a pleasure to pack a Hartmann piece.  All zippers run so smoothly.  The double-sided packing style on suitcases offer greater organization.  The expandable pieces zip easily and quickly to add two full inches of packing space when needed.  Drawstring laundry bags (wet/dry) are practical and can be used for a variety of purposes.  Small zippered pouches keep tiny items in place.  The folding garment bag system that comes with suitcases is practical, holds a lot of items, and handles easily.  Interior and exterior slash and/or zippered pockets on the various pieces help keep all things in order. 

The toiletry bag (which I thought might be too small for two for long trips) has lots of space and packs well.  For our month in Italy, my husband and I packed everything needed with space to spare to bring a few extra items back! 

The duffel bag (which I initially thought might be less practical for most of my travels) has its own charm.  For a few days, for a business retreat at an upscale resort, I took the duffel bag and the small suitcase.  In the duffel bag, I packed five pairs of shoes and the four interior slash pockets held socks, belts, and swimwear.  There was still plenty of room for two bulkier sweaters, two golf shirts, and two short-sleeved shirts - all transported nicely folded and all unpacked without a wrinkle!  The side slash pockets held suntan lotion and small items, and the two outside zippered pockets… well, I ran out of stuff to pack so they remained empty! 

Performance:  There is nothing better when traveling than having luggage that’s sturdy, runs smoothly, handles well… and looks great.  This luggage most definitely performs as promised!  The two attachable pieces made it a breeze to stack and roll all pieces at once  - and we didn’t have to fight to quickly get the attachable pieces on and off the handles of the larger pieces.  I also really like the dual-length retractable handle on the mobile luggage - shorter for me or much longer for a taller person, like my husband.  Although over-packing is to be avoided, there's great comfort in knowing that all seams and stitching are strong and can easily handle the weight. 

The Epitome of Fine Taste

If, as the lifestyle experts say, conspicuous consumption has been replaced with new tastes for quality, craftsmanship and understated elegance, then Hartmann is “the luggage” for a new corporate class of connoisseurs.  And Wings, with its beautiful diamond jacquard pattern and buttery Belting Leather handles and trim, is the epitome of fine luggage for those with refined tastes who value things that last. 

Bon voyage!

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The Wings Collection by Hartmann

Wings Companion/Toiletry Tote by Hartmann

Wings Duffel Bag by Hartmann