Hypnos Mattress

Hypnos Canada, Edmonton
By Appointment To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll


Recently I read that more than half of all Americans are sleep deficient.  In fact, most of us get far less sleep than we need in order to be at our healthiest.  Among the top complaints for lack of sleep are back problems, insomnia, and night heat. 

My husband and I had been on the hunt for a good mattress for some time, determined not to buy a run of the mill mattress from a large supplier.  I wanted a mattress that promised an incredible night's sleep.  I researched to find how mattresses are constructed and what makes one different from another.  It was mind boggling!  I found most mattresses pretty much the same with little special to differentiate them.  I was determined something unique existed and that I'd find it. 

The Most Comfortable Beds in the World 

A Hypnos advertisement caught my attention.  They promised "the most comfortable beds in the world".  I decided I had to look into those beds.  So I contacted the company who told me they are the proud holder of the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.  They had recently been granted the Royal Charter to manufacture beds for Canada and told me their beds are hand-crafted with the techniques and care handed down from age old traditions of fine heritage. 

Now that's what I'd been looking for… exceptional quality in construction, fabric, and finish.  I was hooked when I learned about the spring construction and that all the fill material is all natural - cashmere, lambs wool, soft cotton, and plush silk.  Their mattresses are covered in luxurious Belgium damask and then finished with traditional hand-tufted wool rosettes.  Amazing!  I had to see these beds. 

We went a couple of times to test these matresses.  When a couple is testing a mattress, their perspectives can be very different.  But my husband and I were able to make up our minds quickly - these were the best mattresses we'd ever come across!  We decided to buy a mattress that had regular tension and a split box spring and then waited anxiously for our mattress set to be custom made. 

The Most Beautiful Beds in the World  

Hypnos manufactures several models and, recently, an entry level line too.  However, it's the original models that are talked about with such enthusiasm and are most prized.  "Eminence" is their top model and was our preference.  It looks stunning covered in gold and silver damask with finishing details that I can only describe as being exquisite.  And even now that it's covered in fine linens (that's another story of my search for quality), and no one is able to see our beautiful Eminence, it's beauty makes me feel good just walking into the room. 

As for their claims of being the most comfortable beds in the world… without a doubt, true!  This bed delivers on everything it promises and more.  For years, my husband suffered from lower back when sleeping in other beds.  That's now all gone.  Who would have thought a bed could do so much! 

Caveat… the construction of the mattress necessitates that it be turned - and flipped - every two weeks for the first few months.  This is not a mattress for the feint of heart.  Also, our mattress has 2,000 single height individual hand-tied coil springs - so it is heavy!  But that signals the quality built into every Hypnos mattress. 

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