Etiquette Expertise With Corporate Perspective

For decades, Linda Allan has been considered a “go-to" expert by corporations, business schools, and professional associations.  We support business leaders, executives, sales professionals, and human resource managers in their pursuit of intelligent answers to the everyday challenges of behaviour in business, dress, and manners at work. 

Hands-On Advice

Workplaces are dynamic environments - diverse, complex, challenging, and constantly changing.  People want strategies, tools, and guidance that take into account the realities of their business and the demands of organizational life today - not 10, 20, or 30 years ago. 

We understand that fact and dispense no-nonsense sensible views on conduct, manners, and dress for the business world today.  And having experienced the view from the inside… from numerous corporate corridors across North America, Linda gives meaning to the phrase "hands-on".