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Linda Allan's insight and expertise in business behaviour, workplace conduct, and dress are frequently sought by the daily press newspapers, television, radio, publications, and on the internet.

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CBC News, The National
With Amanda Lang

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Global TV News
With Caroline MacKenzie

Holiday season gift-giving etiquette


Global TV News
Reporter Rob Leth

Dealing with your mistakes at work


CBC TV News at Six
Host Michelle Leung

New etiquette for health issues


CTV Canada AM
Host Marci Ien

Etiquette for mobile devices
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CBC NewsWorld
Host Colleen Jones

President Obama's BlackBerry:  PDA etiquette


Global News
Reporter Mark McAllister

Tipping etiquette


CTV Canada AM
Host Seamus O'Regan

Etiquette Series:  Lying at work; office manners; dress
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CTV Canada AM
Host Beverly Thomson
Behaviour and dress for office parties





National Post - Weekend Post
"Email sign-offs" by Rebecca Tucker

July 2015

Metro News
"Common courtesy for colds" by Helen Racanelli

February 2015

The Globe and Mail
"Lateness at work" by Wency Leung

July 2014

The Globe and Mail
"Open office etiquette 101" by Wallace Immen

March 2013

"Sharing work space is an unfamiliar concept for both employees and their managers, but it's going to be commom in the future, says Linda Allan.

The Globe and Mail
"16 tips for a civil office" by Wallace Immen

March 2013

Hoteling etiquette tips from business behaviour expert Linda Allan.

Toronto Star
"Office party etiquette" by Morgan Campbell

December 2012

"Surviving the holiday party with your reputation intact means remembering part of you is always on the job, no matter how wild the party."

National Post
"Here's a tip" by Nida Siddiqui and Tristan Hopper

January 2012

"If you start to slide tipping up to 20% and everybody [in the restaurant industry] expects that as their base tip, where does it end?  Do the great restaurants now want 25%?"

The Globe and Mail
"6 ways to focus your career" by Wallace Immen

December 2011

"Employees who are lax in their dress aren't good representatives of their company's brand," says Linda Allan.  "The rest of the world is still much more formal than North America, so laxity in dress or grooming could stall or derail a deal with global partners."

London Free Press
"Plane Rude" by Joanne Richard

December 2011

"While bad manners [on airplanes] aren't the domain of the rich and famous", says Linda Allan, "celebrity incidents attract more attention because of their egotistical above-the-law attitudes.  And good for RIM for having the courage to do what was right and fire those obnoxious employees for severely diminishing their good brand."

Toronto Sun
"Get on the good guest list" by Joanne Richard

December 2011

'Tis the season to be merry but bad behaving guests can make the season scary and stressful.  Duty and obligation often drive a host to extend invitations for family to stay over.  "And despite the added effort, time and money expended, guests can be most ungrateful".  Linda Allan gives tips on what you can do to be invited back.  Read article

Toronto Star
"Teddy bears in the boardroom" by Susan Pigg

September 2011

Study claims adults are less prone to lie if they have childhood articles and toys around them. Linda Allan is skeptical… she recalls working with someone who had a bible on her credenza right next to her daughter's baby shoes. "I've never in my life worked with anyone who had more trouble speaking the truth."  Read article

Toronto Star
Greater Toronto
"Incivility on the rise" by Wendy Gillis

June 2011

"Indications of incivility are increasing," says Linda Allan.  "People want to prevail with their own preferences, even at the expense of the combined interest.  Civility has to prevail, and being civil does not mean being nice at all costs, to the point of not mentioning something." Read article

The Globe and Mail
Careers Section
"Job outlook bright for 2011" by Wallace Immen

December 2010

"Performance reviews - at least formal ones - have been losing favour and in many companies may disappear in the coming year", predicts Linda Allan.  "The smartest thing to do is look back on 2010 and pull together evidence of everything you’ve done that improved your company’s position,” she advises.

The Globe and Mail
Careers Section
"Set the stage for career action" by Wallace Immen

December 2010

"Give thanks now to those who took the time to help you succeed at work this year and made you look smarter and more professional along the way.  This simple gesture will not only add to your credibility, it will earn you credits with people you can depend on to give you support in future", says Linda Allan.

The Globe and Mail
Careers Section
"Communication Troubles of Generation Text"
by Lisa Stephens

November 2010

"So if your employer suggests you take lessons in business communications etiquette, does that mean you’re a hopeless case?  Not at all.  Ms. Allan says, they have been targeted for leadership and this is a professional development opportunity for them.”  Do's and dont's, and more…

The Globe and Mail
Life Section:  Work / Money
"Is attire grounds for being fired?" by Zosia Bielski

June 2010

"It's so much tougher for a woman to know what the guidelines are… says Ms. Allan, who coaches executives who want to move up the ladder as well as writing dress code policies."  And more…

The Globe and Mail
Weekend Workout:  Cubicle Conduct
"Don't you have work to do?" by Wallace Immen

February 2010

"Linda Allan, president of management consultancy Linda Allan Inc. says, "In the downturn, workloads went up and everyone is under more pressure.  The result is there's less attention paid to how people behave, and a lot of cubicle conduct has really slipped.”  And more…

The Globe and Mail
Report on Business
"Too hot, too cold? Temperature wars flare at work."
by Marjo Johne

January 2010

Linda Allan's tips on proper attire and what to do when temperatures fluctuate to extremes from one office to another.

Financial Post Business
"Making a pitch in an elevator" by Eric Lam

January 2010

Imagine you're in an elevator and your boss gets on.  You've got a killer idea, but how do you pitch it without coming off as a creepy stalker?  Business etiquette expert Linda Allan has a few ideas.  Read article

The Globe and Mail
Report on Business
"Many avoid gift-giving minefield" by Wallace Immen

December 2009

Linda Allan gives insight and tips for giving gifts at the office including top do's and don'ts.

The Edmonton Journal
"Use care giving gifts at work" by Caitlin Crawshaw

December 2009

Inappropriate gifts have consequences.  "It's business with social undertones--but it's still business," says Linda Allan, a business etiquette expert based in Toronto.

Toronto Sun
Small Business
"The lost art of networking etiquette" by Julie King

October 2009

Linda Allan tells how to make a great impression when networking.

Globe and Mail
News:  Technology
"Smart phones: conversation killer" by Wency Leung

October 2009

Ms. Allan says companies are increasingly seeking her help to write guidelines about the use of smartphones into their codes of conduct… "It's perfectly appropriate to politely speak up if someone's smartphone use is being disruptive.”  And more…

The Toronto Star
Toronto News:  GTA
"TTC civility" by Tess Kalinowski

October 2009

Transit transgressions aren't the end of civilization but they do point to a decline in civility, says Linda Allan, a Toronto etiquette expert.  "The big push in a lot of metropolitan areas is to get the framework for civility in place so everybody knows on a broader basis this isn't one-on-one, this is human interaction on a much larger level."

Globe and Mail
Report on Business:  Jobs
"The business card turns into a calling card"
by Karim Bardeesy and Wallace Immen

August 2009

"Linda Allan recommends handing a card with the writing facing the recipient so they don't have to turn it to read it.  And show proper respect to a card you receive.  Acknowledging it and taking a glance at what it says will impress the person that you are interested…"

National Post
Business Section:  Workplace
"If you can see over, under or through clothes, they are not for the office" by Jordana Huber

July 2009

"I've seen flip flops on a woman wearing a suit", said Linda Allan, a corporate image expert in Toronto.  "What to wear to work can be tricky, but no one should see over, under or through your clothes…"

Globe and Mail
Report on Business:  Workplace
"Mind your BlackBerry manners or risk your career" by Wallace Immen

June 2009

"There really should be very few times when it comes down to a choice between face time with a person or with a machine", says Linda Allan… "unless it is critical, they don't have to respond to a message as soon as something comes in…"

CanWest News Service
"Experts warn about too-casual work clothing"
by Jordana Huber

June 2009

"The weather gets hotter and people forget it is a business environment.  It really is a sense of just being a little too casual".  Allan said companies are not always clear on their dress codes and employees will often push the boundaries until told otherwise. 

Calgary Herald
"Experts warn about casual work wear"

by Jordana Huber

June 2009

Financial Post Magazine
"Time to shine" by Dana Lacey

February 2009

Worried your job might be on the chopping block?  "People are scared," says Linda Allan, a Toronto-based workplace consultant.  "They see their portfolios tumbling, they see colleagues getting laid off.  When we're stressed out, it's common to forget our regular behaviours."  Read article

National Post - Weekend Post
"How to fire the help" by Rebecca Eckler

December 2008

It's not you.  It's me.  In these tough economic times, never has this breakup phrase been truer.  I don't remember ever thinking so hard about how to go about ditching a person.  Email? Text? Phone call? Snail mail?

Ottawa Citizen
Arts Section
"How to cope with gifts you don't want to get"
by Laura Payton

December 2008

There are alternatives to grinning and bearing it.  "When it comes especially to family and friends, the best thing to do is just accept it gracefully," says Linda Allan, a Toronto-based management consultant who specializes in behaviour and etiquette. 

Globe and Mail
Report on Business:  Globe Careers
"Workplace attire" by Kira Vermond

September 2008

What not to wear - is there still a dress code?  How did you dress for work on Friday?  Do dress-down days inspire a case of dress like a slob, work like a slob?  Read article

Globe and Mail
Strategies:  Relationships

"Relationships at work" by Ann Kerr

March 2008

Globe and Mail
Report on Business:  Globe Careers
"Relationship with your boss" by Marjo Johne

March 2008

Telling the boss from hell (politely and tactfully) where to go; Reporting to an ogre? You don't have to suffer in silence. There are ways to take effective action without losing your job or hurting your career.

Globe and Mail
Report on Business:  Globe Careers
"My spouse, the party animal" by Randy Ray

December 2007

Caveat:  Obnoxious behaviour by a significant other at office social functions could mean a career hangover.  "Most employees go to a party and think of it as a fun and exciting time, never being aware that their spouse or partner can get them into trouble," Ms. Allan says.  Read article

Globe and Mail
Report on Business:  Globe Careers
"The Big M:  Menopause" by Marjo Johne 

November 2007

Hot flash for employers:  As an unprecedented number of women reach menopause, the effects will be felt in the workplace as never before.

Globe and Mail
Report on Business:  Globe Careers (lead story)
"Office neighbours from hell" by Wallace Immen

September 2007

They talk loudly. Their desk's a mess. Their food smells. Even they smell sometimes. What to do about those boorish work mates?  "In the past, office veterans enforced standards of decorum that were handed down to newcomers, says Toronto-based management consultant, Linda Allan, who specializes in workplace conduct and attire."  Read excerpts


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CBC Here and Now
Host Gill Deacon

Handshake etiquette

November 2013

CBC Maritime Noon
Host Steve Sutherland

Workplace manners and challenges with colleagues

November 2013

CBC Metro Morning
Host Matt Galloway

Codes of conduct in business

April 2013

CBC Radio Alberta
Host Holly Preston

Smartphone etiquette

February 2013

CJAD Radio Montreal
Host Tommy Schnurmacher

Office party etiquette

December 2012

CJAD Radio Montreal
Host Dan Delmar

Office etiquette

September 2012

CJAD Radio Montreal
Host Tommy Schnurmacher

The etiquette for talking politics

August 2012

CJAD Radio Montreal
Host Tommy Schnurmacher

Tipping demystified

June 2012

News 1010, Toronto
Host John Tory

Advice on tipping for meals in restaurants.

January 2012

CBC Radio
Metro Morning. Host Mike Ewing

Professional conduct when leaving a job.

July 2011

CBC Radio - Syndication
Here & Now.   Cross-Canada hosts.

How to quit a job.

July 2011

CJAD 800, Montreal
Ric Peterson Live, with Barry Morgan

Companies check candidates' social media activities.

July 2011

News/Talk 1010, Toronto
Ted Woloshyn Live

Incivility on the rise

July 2011

News/Talk 1010, Toronto
Ben Mercer

Bad manners in Toronto

July 2011

CFRB News/Talk Radio, Toronto
Ben Mercer Live

Politics of power in the workplace
Listen to Interview

October 2009

News/Talk Radio, Regina
Michele Hugli Live

Business women who cry at work

January 2008

CBC Radio, Toronto
Metro Morning.  Host Andy Barry
Office party etiquette

December 2007

CBC Radio, Quebec
Breakaway.  Host Jacquie Czernin
Party etiquette with spouses

December 2007

CBC Radio, Southern and Northeast Ontario
Ontario Morning.  Host Wei Chen
Office party etiquette

December 2007

News/Talk Radio, Regina
Michele Hugli Live
Conduct in the workplace at Christmas

November 2007

News/Talk Radio, Saskatoon
John Gormley Live
Conduct at the office  
Listen to interview

October 2007

News 1130 Radio, Vancouver
Lyle Fisher Live
Open office etiquette

October 2007


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"Business lunch locations" by Beatrice Paez

February 2016
"A better business lunch" by Leah Golob

November 2015
"Tips on workplace etiquette" by Tessie Sanci

November 2014
"Last minute wardrobe tips" by Tessie Sanci

September 2014

Huffington Post
"Is Cleavage at Work Appropriate" by Arti Patel

October 2013 - Business / Jobs-Careers
"Open Office Etiquette" by Elianna Lev

How to tell a colleague their behaviours are offensive.

August 2013
"Golfing with Clients" by Fiona Collie
Tips when inviting clients out on the links.  Read article

July 2012
"Smartphone etiquette" by Fiona Collie

June 2012
"Business lunch etiquette" by Ishani Nath

Advice for grad students

June 2012

"How not to disturb other commuters" by Sarah Ratchford

Appropriate behaviour on the TTC.

December 2011
"Minding your social-media manners" by Fiona Collie

Proper etiquette when using LinkedIn  Read article

November 2011
"Etiquette for charity auctions" by Fiona Collie

Keep to impeccable behaviour outside the office


August 2011
"Etiquette for golf tournaments" by Fiona Collie

Handle yourself as well on the links as in the office

July 2011
"Leaving with grace or fury" by Andrew Davidson

Messages about ex-bosses can impact your career.

July 2011
"Business travel tips" by Fiona Collie

Maintain professionalism at the airport and at your hotel.

June 2011
Courriel: avant de cliquer sur "Envoyer"

May 2011
"Tips for a professional handshake" by Fiona Collie

Tear yourself away from the snack tray and press flesh.

March 2011
L'etiquette de la reunion

March 2011
"Use voice mail to your advantage" by Fiona Collie

It can make or break your image.  Read article

February 2011
"Break bad habits for good" by Cynthia Hanson

Steps to get rid of those bad behaviours.

December 2010
"Get smart, get mobile" by Angela Rotundo

Smart phone use and productivity in the workplace.

December 2010
"Tips & tricks for business gifts" by Kelly Putter

Gift-giving guidelines in business.

November 2010
"A successful client dinner" by Fiona Collie

Making clients feel comfortable over a meal.

November 2010
"Before you hit 'send' " by Fiona Collie

Tips to prevent e-mail blunders.

September 2010
"Taking your client to lunch" by Fiona Collie

Tips for a successful restaurant meeting.

August 2010

"Gentlemen's business etiquette" by Laura Schober

Conduct and dress tips for young professional men.

August 2010
Life/Work web chat

Fired for inappropriate dress at work!

June 2010

"Good greetings" by Craig Silverman

Handshake and other etiquette for lawyers.

March 2010
"Giving gifts at work" by Caitlin Crawshaw

What to consider when giving gifts.

December 2009
"Holiday networking" by Angela Self

Career pointers for the party circuit for those looking to get ahead at work.

December 2009

The Executive Roundtable
"Tempted to compromise conduct to keep a job?"

Don't sabotage your job security by resorting to unproductive, unsupportive or unethical tactics, even out of fear.  Read article

November 2009
"Mastering business dining etiquette" by Julie King

Have you ever felt awkward at a business dinner?

October 2009

The Executive Roundtable
"Entertaining clients over a meal"

Do you take clients to lunch or dinner?  If so, you'd better ensure you behave properly and have the highest standards of professionalism.

April 2009
"Entertaining Etiquette" by Tina Lofthouse

Don't talk with your mouth full… So you know not to tuck your napkin into your collar - but it's amazing how many faux pas are actually committed.

March 2009

CAA Magazine
"Essential Travel Etiquette" by Astrid Van Den Broek

Politeness pointers to five different foreign regions.

February 2009

The Executive Roundtable
"Etiquette Advice for Executives"

Don't take etiquette for granted… Read article

June 2008



Report On Business:
Etiquette expert Linda Allan answers your questions.

December 2007

Kathbern Management Newsletter 
Behaviour and dress for successful career transition.

November 2007



Macleans Magazine
"Your office colleague is not your friend" by Julia Johnson

Colleague/pal confusion and other etiquette fails.

October 2013

City Life Magazine
"Business means business" by Linda Allan

When client relations flourish, don't sabotage it. Read

Feb/Mar 2012

Canadian Living Magazine
"9 steps for a relaxing get-together" by Lauren O'Neil

Tips for various palates, diets and lifestyles.

Spring 2011

HR Professional
"Civility in the workplace" by Melissa Campeau

The business imperative for civility at work.  Read

Nov/Dec 2010

Precedent Magazine
"Good greetings" by Craig Silverman

Handshake and other etiquette for law offices.

March 2010

The Costco Connection
Fresh Views

Advice on dining etiquette.

Jan/Feb  2010

Administrative Assistant's Update (AAU)
Finding the right mentor.  Read article

October 2008

Profit Magazine
Kim Shiffman requests office etiquette insight

Business people who have an affair at the office.

January 2008

Toyota University
Caremasters Hot Tips
Image and etiquette advice for sales professionals.

Fall 2007

Administrative Assistant's Update (AAU)
Secrets to success

Image and business etiquette questions answered.

September 2007


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