Mystery Inspector

Toronto, Canada
May 2009

Linda Allan, President of Linda Allan Inc., is proud to have been chosen to inspect hotels for a leading hospitality organization known for its exclusive brand of luxury properties around the world.  Her long-standing dedication to high standards in business and her constant commitment to excellence, quality, and client service made Ms. Allan the perfect choice.

Ms. Allan said, “When I was approached to perform this role for such a prestigious company, I was honoured to use my skills and expertise in this important way.  Their selection process was rigorous and I was thrilled to have easily passed all their tests of trust and capabilities.” 

Ms. Allan’s role as inspector and advisor to the hospitality industry is a natural extension of the services she has been providing to clients for over 30 years.  Linda Allan Inc. is dedicated to helping companies and employees refine their image through targeted enhancements in conduct, dress, customer service, and quality standards.  Linda Allan Inc. provides advisory services, training and coaching with capabilities that include audits, assessments, inspections, and situation evaluations.

In 2008, Linda Allan Inc. extended their brand with the launch of “Allan Approved” dedicated to customer service excellence and the highest standards.  Ms. Allan also writes about her top “spots” which highlight her own experiences involving exclusive travel, expert service, and exquisite products. 

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