Dining Etiquette

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Dining skills, table manners, and hosting a meal are extremely important in business.  Poor dining habits have been known to derail a business deal, stall a promotion, halt a job interview, or stop a sale.  Our complete training in dining etiquette covers everything you need to know.  

Training Options For Dining Excellence

Regardless of the venue or formality involved, the same dining etiquette skills must be adhered to at any meal.  We offer dining etiquette and wine decorum training through:

  • Class training
  • Dining etiquette tutorials
  • Staged presentation
  • Private instruction
  • Computer-based learning

Dining Etiquette Training

Executive dining etiquette skills will come easily to you with our hands-on training and personal guidance.  You will be comfortable and at ease in any situation when dining with others, hosting a meal, making a toast, or engaging in conversation.  Learn the silver and crystal route to success!

  • Organizing a Business Meal
  • Extending an Invitation
  • Guest and Host Duties
  • Taking Your Seat
  • Napkin Etiquette
  •  Place Settings
  • Ordering a Meal
  • Ordering Wine, Wine Service, Toasting
  • Styles of Eating - American, Continental
  • Eating Difficult Foods
  • Table Manners
  • Conversation and Business Discussion
  • Handling the Bill and Gratuities
  • Thanking the Host
  • Buffets
  • Restaurant Etiquette
  • Meals During Meetings

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