Etiquette and Ethics

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Good conduct and consideration with clients, colleagues and stakeholders is not an altruistic pursuit.  It's a critical issue facing all businesses today.  Companies who fail to recognize that fact and respond accordingly will put at risk not only their reputation and bottom line but their very survival.  Strong companies make etiquette and ethics - good conduct and conscience in business - a core value and a strategic imperative.

Serious Public Consequences

Serious consequences can be caused by a lie at the office, an error of omission with a client, an exaggeration to the public, or a lack of due diligence.  Once a person’s image has been tarnished - often taking along with it that of the people and company they work for - it’s often impossible to recover. 

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High-performing workplaces are characterized by employees who are not only highly skilled but honest, ethical, respectful and orderly.  They consistently exemplify the highest standards in everything they do.  Learn what it takes to think clearly, exercise sound judgment, and act wisely in all matters of business! 

  • Codes of Conduct
  • Due Diligence Guidelines
  • Ethics Audits
  • Etiquette and Ethics Assessments
  • Situation Analysis

When You Want to Stay Your Best

Linda has deep corporate perspective, adhering to the highest standards even at the toughest times.  It takes strong morals and courage of conviction to do what’s right.  Our clients know this and trust us to help them entrench those same principles in their organizations.