Professional Dress

Style With Substance © ™

The way we look sends an immediate and powerful message to others.  Impeccable dress will never take the place of business smarts but it will increase your chances of success.  Smart companies know that those who are well dressed and well groomed are often perceived as more competent and confident than those who are not.  Our professional dress program covers everything you need to know.

Professional Dress Solutions When You Want to: 

  • Enhance your company's brand image
  • Improve employee dress and decorum
  • Project credibility and confidence
  • Elevate grooming standards

Style With Substance © ™ Program Topics

Whether formal attire or casual business wear, don't let a fashion faux pas put your company's image at risk.  Learn what it takes to foster behaviors and practices conducive to decent dress and great grooming in the workplace!  

  • Image and Dress Awareness
  • Personal Style Analysis
  • Elements of Dress (colour, style, fabric, fit)
  • Professional Dress for Business (men and women)
  • Impeccable Grooming
  • Meticulous Care of Clothes
  • Body Image and Self-Esteem © ™
    (For the needs of smart professional women in business.)
  • Corporate Dress Audits, Assessments, and Surveys

When You Want to Look Your Best

For years in corporate roles, often at the senior level, Linda has dealt with all kinds of issues involving dress at work - company dress guidelines, union issues on dress, training for new hires, coaching professionals on their appearance, and guiding sales teams on appropriate dress for business occasions.  Our clients know this and trust us to understand their work culture and requirements to achieve a more polished look.