Socio-Business Decorum

Entertaining With Elegance © ™

Business is often conducted while entertaining, so socio-business skills (i.e. social skills in business) are essential in today’s global business arena.  The most successful companies pay close attention to their behaviours when out with others.  Our socio-business decorum program covers everything you need to know.

Socio-Business Decorum Solutions When You Want to: 

  • Strengthen client relations
  • Look good in public
  • Build credibility
  • Increase sales

Entertaining With Elegance © ™ Program Topics

Don’t let a faux pas derail a business deal.  Learn what it takes to be a gracious guest, entertain with ease at home or out, and host business guests with maximum success and minimum stress at home or abroad! 

  • Function Etiquette
  • Networking Etiquette
  • Business Hosting
  • Business Entertaining at Home
  • Golf and Sports Etiquette
  • Conferences and Conventions Etiquette
  • Entertaining Etiquette Matters - for Sales Professionals © ™
    (For achievement-oriented professionals in client-facing roles.)
  • Plus… our Corporate Audits, Assessments, and Surveys

When You Want To Be At Your Best  

Linda is no stranger to socio-business etiquette with decades in roles that required entertaining and attending countless corporate functions - sales conferences, conventions, trade shows, black tie galas, formal dinners, and sports events.  Our clients know this and trust us to help them achieve higher levels of presence and performance when in the company of others. 


 All topics are

  • Demonstrated
  • Discussed
  • Practiced
  • Perfected