Travel Etiquette

Mobility With Manners © ™

People equate poor manners and lack of social graces on the road with poor business practices at the office.  Top companies know their people are being watched and judged while they’re traveling for business.  Our travel etiquette program covers everything you need to know.

Travel Etiquette Solutions When You Want to:

  • Improve public image
  • Garner positive attention
  • Gain respect on the road
  • Strengthen business relationships

Mobility With Manners © ™ Program Topics

Learn what it takes to manage your image and exhibit care and sophistication when traveling alone, with colleagues or clients! 

  • Etiquette en Route
  • Etiquette at Hotels
  • Entertaining Etiquette While Traveling
  • Wardrobe Planning and Packing
  • Travel Etiquette Matters - for Business Women © ™
    (For the unique needs of professional women in business.)
  • Travel Etiquette Matters - for Sales Professionals © ™
    (For achievement-oriented professionals in client-facing roles.)
  • Plus… our Corporate Travel Audits, Assessments, Surveys

When You Want To Reflect Your Best

Exacting standards while traveling frequently for several companies made leaders rely on Linda long ago for advice in travel conduct.  Our clients know this and trust us to help them manage perceptions and their reputation while on the road. 


 All topics are

  • Demonstrated
  • Discussed
  • Practiced
  • Perfected