Keynote and Speaking Engagements

An engaging motivational speaker, Linda is a "thought leader" when it comes to behaviour in business that’s great for business.  She brings a fresh approach, energetic style, and deep passion to all of her speaking engagements.  And why not.   With all her years in business, she's seen it all - the good, the bad and the ugly - and she’s not afraid to speak openly about issues of conduct at work that erode productivity, reduce sales, and affect corporate profits. 

Speaking to the Point and From the Heart

Over the years, Linda’s down to earth style, common sense, and level-headed strategies have earned her the attention and respect of savvy business leaders and executives.  She is well positioned to share her thoughts on what it takes to effect organizational change. 

The Etiquette Advantage

Linda inspires her clients to embrace business etiquette, not as theory or protocol training but, as a mindset that permeates everything everyone does in a company.  That mindset - the etiquette advantage - is what drives business excellence and gives a company added advantage in the marketplace. 



McMaster University
Linda's business skills and achievements combined with her passion for the topics she presents make her a most credible engaging speaker!  Read full

Christine Kennedy
Alumni Officer
Office of Alumni Advancement